High Day Recap – Ostara

25 03 2014

I did my Ostara ritual at the moment of the vernal equinox on 20th March. It went well and I had a surprisingly good Two Powers visualisation (perhaps because I was standing up this time and so it felt more real.) As usual I used the Solitary Druid Fellowships basic ritual format with my own additions and changes. I honoured Eostre and Njord as the patrons of this ritual as Eostre is the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, while this is also the beginning of much of our fishing season so Njord seemed appropriate. I honoured Heimdall as my gatekeeper and Hertha as the Earth Mother. I gave oats to the Earth Mother as an offering, silver to the well, oil to the fire and shining ones, an apple to Heimdall, seeds to the nature spirits, cider to the ancestors, oil to Njord and Eostre and bread as a final offering. I also did my Oath at this rite, giving Honey as an offering to all the kindreds.

I took two omens during the ritual. My normal Ostara one using my homemade Ogham set was Luis – protection from the gods, Hawthorn – consequences from the Ancestors and Hazel – creativity from the Nature spirits. I’m not sure what to make of the omen as it’s got both positive and negative elements. I wonder whether the Ancestors want more from me. I will have to meditate on this and seek guidance.

The rest of my celebrations included making a curried scrambled tofu dish as a vegan alternative to scrambled eggs and an attempt at naturally dyeing eggs which only really worked with tumeric. I also decorated my altar with daffodils.

Nature Spirits Essay

4 03 2014

In ADF the Nature Spirits are associated with the Tree, the middle-world and the land. They are called the Noble spirits who are seen as dwelling in and nurturing nature. They are our seen and unseen neighbours. In the Anglo Saxon and Norse cultures they are the landwights, the elves and dwarves. In the Gaelic culture, they are the Sidhe, the fairies, the creatures who live in the mounds (perhaps descendents of the Tuatha De Danaan). They are viewed as otherworldly beings, disembodied spirits who can sometimes appear to people but usually only the very gifted can see them. Despite this, they interact with our world, Midgard, on a regular basis. They are usually associated with a particular eco-system or special place in nature e.g. Woodland-elves or spirit of a tree or rock. Like humans, they are viewed as having personalities and their own interests and goals. They are not there to do our bidding, but can be propitiated and asked for help if we have developed a relationship with them. They can sometimes help while at other times they can hinder or hurt us, especially if we have annoyed them. Anglo-Saxons talked of the Elf-shot which they believed was the cause of certain illnesses. Yet they also left offerings for the elves and drank toasts to them, showing the relationship between humans and nature spirits was not black and white. Brian Bates says they were viewed as “bright, beautiful and wise creatures” and they could be befriended. The realm of Alfheim was ruled by the god Frey or Ing. Davidson points out that people often paid more attention to them than the gods because they were seen as affecting many aspects of people’s daily lives, and this was especially true of the household elf.

For me, the nature spirits include all the living beings around us, and even the rocks and “inanimate” aspects of nature. As an animist, I believe that all things are “minded”, all things can experience in their own way. For me the trees, the flowers, the insects, the birds and the micro-organisms are all nature spirits and should be honoured. There are many ways to honour nature spirits but the best way is to get out in nature and learn about them. I have done this primarily by spending an hour in nature each week to observe and learn about it. Every time I do a ritual I give offerings to them, usually of seeds, in order to honour them and thank them for ways they support the world around me. Of course, the most important thing we can do is to find ways to look after the land immediately near us. One thing I would like to develop in future is my relationship with the household elf as well as finding offerings that would be suitable to take to natural places to provide for the landspirits.

Nature Awareness Essay

3 03 2014

Nature awareness is very important for me and has been my favourite part of the Dedicant Path. I have enjoyed going out to spend an hour in nature every week between March and November (after which it was too cold and wet). I am very fortunate to live in an area that has beaches, parks, woodland and a nature reserve all within a mile of my home. Each week I went to a local park that is around 15 minutes from my house and which contains a nature conservation wetland area. I spent an hour observing and recording what was going on around me, noticing what had changed since the last time I was there and learning about the nature spirits. I spent some time meditating there for many of the weeks too. I often said hello to the nature spirits and Mother Nature when I was there and on one occasion the words “the graces of the Earth Mother” kept going through my mind. Spending this time in nature and discovering new things every week really felt like I was receiving a gift of grace from the Earth Mother. I constantly saw new things and learned more about the world around me. I saw many different types of birds including swans, seagulls, moorhens, coots, wood pigeons, blackbirds, blue tits, great tits, woodpeckers, dunnocks, house sparrows, wrens, mallard ducks and a heron. I saw insects like bees, butterflies and dragonflies. I saw a Pipistrelle bat and many baby chicks. I learned the names of trees such as horse chestnuts and white poplar trees. When I engaged with one of the horse chestnuts in particular, I felt a definite sense of a presence there. Seeing the changes through the seasons gave me a very strong feeling of connection to the cycles of nature. I would have liked to have brought offerings with me each time but there were signs up saying not to feed the birds and other creatures because the food attracted rats. I did however manage to pick up litter a few times as an offering to the spirits of that place.

For me, honouring the Earth is a vitally important spiritual practice. As a Pantheist that views Nature and the earth as divine and sacred, I feel a duty to look after the world around me. As an Animist, I believe that all things are “minded” and that mind in some form extends all the way down to the smallest atom and up to the largest galaxy. Unsurprisingly then, I fully accept the Gaia hypothesis. I view the earth as a mother, the mother who creates me, sustains me and will one day draw me back into herself.

Over the past year I have tried to learn a lot about my local area. I have discovered that my water primarily comes from two nearby rivers (Dart and Tamar) and three reservoirs (Burrator, Roadford and Venford). I have learned that my waste water is exposed to the removal of solids and UV treatment and is returned to the sea via an outfall at Sharkham Point. I live next to the sea and the water quality here is good. I live in an urban area which is built over quite a few streams, but the nearest large rivers are the Dart and Teign and these act as watersheds. A significant portion of the area is also categorised as an “area of outstanding natural beauty.” The climate is temperate and the prevailing wind is from the south-west. We have mild winters here and it is also one of the sunniest parts of the UK. It is coldest in February, sunniest in June and dullest in December. Spring has the least rainfall and Autumn the most. Various fruits and vegetables are grown here but especially apples for cider, potatoes and maize corn. Because it is hilly, the county I live in tends to be used more for animal farming rather than crops. The soil of the area is primarily sandstone, with the two edges of the area being limestone. Most of the trees are deciduous broad-leafs.

I try my best to live in an environmentally sustainable way. I have chosen to be a vegan which is a very environmentally friendly way to live. I regularly recycle about half of my waste, including all paper, cardboard, glass, clothing, cans, jars and some plastic. I buy some organic items and I always make sure I switch off lights or electrics when they are not in use. For the last two years I have not had a car and have taken public transport instead, however recently I have got a new job which is in a location that is not practical to get to by public transport and so I have had to buy a car again. I have got much better this year at taking reusable bags with me when I go shopping so that I don’t get lots of plastic bags. In future I would like to make a lot more changes. Currently my power is mostly from fossil fuels so I would like to change my energy company to one that uses more green energy sources. I keep my heating down and have only been heating one room in my house this winter. I will be voting for the Green party at the next election and have signed up for an allotment so I can grow my own food when it becomes available. I regularly give to two environmental charities – the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and The Woodland Trust and am considering becoming a member of a local environmental charity too. I want to move towards buying more local and seasonal food and am currently trying to buy more things second hand or from charity shops rather than brand new. I don’t recycle my food waste currently because the bags provided are not suitable and break too easily so I need to find an answer to that. I need to get used to using the computer more in order to cut down on my paper use. I also need to investigate ways of reducing my water usage. I hope that by doing these things I will be able to make more of a difference both at a local and global level.

High Day Recap – Imbolc

1 02 2014

I did my Imbolc ritual at 3pm on 1st February. It went reasonably well although I lost one piece of my script for a minute and forgot to light one of the candles. However I felt empowered at several points during the ritual. As usual I used the Solitary Druid Fellowship’s ritual format although with quite a few additions. I decided that as this was a Celtic holiday, I would honour the celtic pantheon again with the Patrons being Brigid and Manannan (as it was traditionally the beginning of the fishing season too). Manannan was also my gatekeeper. I gave oats to the Earth Mother as an offering, silver to the well, oil to the fire and shining ones, an apple to manannan, seeds to the nature spirits, cider to the ancestors, soya milk to Brigid and bread as a final offering. I also prayed for a blessing over my seeds, tools and land.

I used my Ogham set for the Omen and got – Ceirt (beauty, love) from shining ones, Ruis (Transition ) for ancestors and Coll (Creativity) from the nature spirits. I am taking this as a very positive omen and blessings from the Kindred.

The rest of my celebrations included eating lots of (fake) dairy products, putting cloth out for brigid to bless last night, making a brigid bed, lighting lots of candles and putting them in the windows, leaving bread and butter on the windowsill as an offering, buying a candle making kit, and this evening I will make a spicy lentil shepherds pie.

Dedicant Path ADF Virtues – Moderation

24 12 2013

ADF defines Moderation as “cultivating ones appetites so that one is neither a slave to them nor driven to ill health (mental or physical), through excess or deficiency.”

The dictionary defines it as –

1) Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme

2) Not violent or subject to extremes; mild or calm; temperate.

3) a) of medium or average quantity or extent, b) of limited or average quality; mediocre.

4) Opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, especially in politics or religion.

In my view, the ADF definition of moderation doesn’t fully encompass the meaning of the term and the dictionary gives a better definition. It is about cultivating one’s appetites so you are not slaves to them or driven to ill health, but it is more. It is about being moderate in attitude and behaviour – calm not violent, moderate in views e.g in politics, and moderate in desires. Moderation is important in many areas of life. If one eats or drinks too much they will get diseases like diabetes, liver failure and heart disease. If they are too materialistic they will get into debt. If they work too much they may get ill from stress. Being excessive can lead to addictions – alcoholism, gambling problems and so on. Similarly eating too little can lead to malnutrition or anarexia and sleeping too little can lead to burnout. While we undoubtedly do need to increase certain things like healthy eating, on the whole, I think we suffer more as a civilisation from excess than we do from deficiency.

I think that western society is prone to excess in other areas of life too, like energy use. We are addicted to fossil fuels and consume them with no thought of the effects on the Earth Mother and other life forms. We buy lots of things brand new rather than reusing or recycling things, or making them ourselves, and then we create lots of waste. To be moderate means to walk lightly on the earth, to reduce our consumption, to live balanced. It means to live simply and minimally, spend money wisely, be frugal…and to live in voluntary poverty. Why do we buy so much new when we could buy almost everything we really need second hand or from a charity shop, saving money and the earth? Why do we take more than we really need to meet the basics in life? Moderation is vital to living in harmony with nature and saving it for future generations. It is vital to living in harmony with the self e.g for health. It is vital to avoiding the excesses that lead to dangerous and violent fundamentalism. Too often however, we judge moderation by the social expectations of society and I think that is wrong. Perhaps if we judged how moderate we were being by lives of the poor in Africa, we might get a better view of what it really means. To meet our basic needs, not all our wants. To not be greedy, gluttonous, lustful, slothful or engage in any of the other “seven deadly sins.” Importantly, moderation relates to other virtues too – it requires knowledge and the wisdom to apply it, and how can one share or be hospitable unless one lives moderately.

Various cultures around the world have held moderation to be a very important virtue. The ancient pagan Greeks and Romans held it in high esteem and called temperance a “cardinal virtue.” Epicurus in particular emphasised a life of simplicity and moderation, suggesting we concern ourselves with mental rather than physical pleasures, live a self sufficient life in the company of friends and engage regularly in philosophical pursuits. Aristotle thought that the virtues were at the mean between two extremes. And in the east, Taoism considers moderation to be one of its three Jewels for living in harmony with nature.

Frances Willard said “Temperance is moderation in the things that are good and total abstinence from the things that are foul.” I agree with him completely – it is very important to emphasise that moderation does not mean “everything in moderation” when it involves those things that are bad for us. For instance, science is discovering more and more evidence to suggest that the healthiest diet is a plant based, oil free, whole foods diet….pretty much a vegan diet that avoids all animal products. Some think its extreme to be a vegan because society doesn’t see it as normal, however if eating animal products is damaging our health and causing chronic diseases as the science is beginning to show – I think the moderate option, the option focused primarily on eating what is good for both the body and the earth, is surely switching to a plant based diet instead.

In conclusion, moderation is perhaps the most important virtue for us all to learn right now, its a virtue I regularly struggle to live by (especially when it comes to food) and it is one that takes a lot of practice. We must be self disciplined, work hard and, as the ADF definition says, “cultivate our appetites.” Unless we learn to do this, and learn soon, the effects on our own health, on the Earth Mother and on all life, will be disastrous.

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High Day Recap – Yule

22 12 2013

I did my ritual at 5pm on the day of Yule because I wanted to time it to coincide with the actual moment of the Solstice. I stumbled a bit at the beginning….I think it was because I was nervous at the fact that my partner was there (though not taking part) so I was self conscious doing it alone but “in public.” As usual, I used the Solitary Druid Fellowship’s ritual format with some editing of my own. I am trying out switching my hearth culture from Celtic to Norse so I decided to honour Sunna as its the time of the sun’s rebirth, and Odin, the leader of the Wild Hunt as my deities of the occasion. I also changed gatekeepers to Heimdall. The offerings I used were oil for the shining ones, fire and each patron, seeds for the nature spirits, home made cider for the ancestors, silver coin for the well, incense for the tree, oats for the earth mother, an apple for Heimdall as gatekeeper and bread as a final offering. As part of the final affirmation, I lit yule candle to honour the Sun. I didn’t feel anything special happen but I do seem to feel more contented/ fulfilled/ at peace afterwards so I think a switch of Pantheon is the right way forward.

I used the Ogham set for the Omen and asked the Kindred “Grant me true seeing this season that I may know what blessings you have for me.” I pulled three Ogham – Saill/ Willow – Intuition, Nion/ Ash – Wisdom and Ur/ Heather – Dreams or Feelings. I am interpreting this as a positive omen and that the Kindreds are offering me blessings in these areas or saying I need to pay attention to inside feelings/ intuition and dreams to gain wisdom?

The rest of my celebrations included a party with friends, some porridge left out for the house wight and eating a Yule feast.

Nature Awareness 8th Dec 2013 and Mental Discipline Updates

8 12 2013

So I haven’t been out to my normal place in Nature since the last post on the topic back in October. I decided at Samhain that the weather is becoming too cold now and I have seen most of the yearly cycle – everything is dying off. I also think I’m going to switch the spot I go to from the nature conservation area to a local park behind my house. This is partly because its closer so I’ll be more likely to go, but more importantly it isn’t restrictive in terms of offerings. I couldn’t give offerings at the nature conservation area because it would attract rats and they would eat the baby chicks e.t.c which I definitely don’t want to happen, however I can easily give offerings in the park (albeit there’s more people around) and hopefully this will mean I can develop a closer relationship with the nature spirits.

I am also changing my mental discipline plans. I have tried to follow a meditation regime but I have failed to feel like I’m making any progress or enjoying it. I have done the required 5 months and I will still do some meditation now and again using a Buddhist loving kindness meditation or Stoic meditation but a disciplined daily regime feels beyond me. I think I have done enough to have a reasonable understanding of the Two Powers meditation and I have explored many other types of meditation but I would like to change to a more devotional practice using the Solitary Druid Fellowships evening devotion (with some small amendments). I won’t have a set time each day I’ll be doing it as I have found that too difficult to keep to when my life doesn’t have a set routine, so I will do it whenever I can and hopefully every day. I am also switching my focus more to a Norse Pantheon as I seem to be connecting better with it.

Mental Discipline

Week 28 (26th October – 1st November)

31st October – I did a Two Powers meditation for 10 minutes in front of the altar as part of my Samhain ritual. It went well although I felt tense still and kept slumping. The visualisations are not getting any easier.

Week 29 (2nd November – 8th November)

2nd November – I went to a Buddhist retreat this weekend. This involved a lot more meditation than I was used to. It started with a 3 hour workshop on meditation which consisted of a short talk, 45 minutes sitting meditation, 45 minutes walking meditation and finally another 45 minutes sitting meditation. I really enjoyed the walking meditation and learned how to do it properly. Later that day we had another 1 hour meditation session.

3rd November – The day began with an hour meditation at 5am in the morning and another one at 7pm in the evening. Meditation for these long periods was difficult mainly because I kept needing to move around due to pain. I still keep slumping and the monk suggested I might need to take up alternatives like Tai Chi to help me deal with my posture issues. Overall I felt the weekend helped me to really progress my meditation skills.

Week 30 (9th Nov – 15th Nov )

No meditation this week.

Week 31 (16th Nov – 22nd Nov)

No meditation this week.

Week 32 (23rd Nov – 29th Nov)

25th November – It was the beginning of Stoic Week so I did the Stoic Meditations which consist of a focusing on breathing for a short time, then contemplating the vastness of the universe and my place in it. Following that one plans their day and visualises situations where it might not go according to plan and how its best to deal with those. I felt this type of meditation where my mind is engaged in planning seems to be easier.

26th November – I did 10 minutes of Stoic Meditation as above.

27th November – I did 10 minutes of Stoic Meditation as above.

28th November – I did 10 minutes of Stoic Meditation as above.

Week 33 (30th Nov – 6th Dec)

2nd December – I did 10 minutes Stoic Meditation. I also did a Stoic circle of compassion meditation mixed with a Buddhist loving kindness meditation. I visualised a light of love surrounding my body then extending it out to encompass different groups of people until the whole world was encompassed. I also said silently “May you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be loved” at each stage. I found the visualisation hard but I did feel it was beneficial.

3rd December – The last of the Stoic Week meditations today. I also did a 15 minute guided meditation which was focused on contemplating my place in the universe by imagining myself floating up from my body. It was again difficult to do the visualisation and the words were spoken too fast which made things difficult. I need to do some practice on it.

4th December – I did an evening devotional and gave offerings of Oats to the Kindred.

6th December – I did an evening devotional and gave offerings of Oats to the Kindred.

Outline of new daily devotion

(Light Candle & Incense)

Say: “I come before the sacred fire, sacred well and the sacred tree to give thanks for the blessings in my life.”

(Breathe deep 9 times)

Say: “I give thanks to the Earth Mother, Nerthus, for the support and sustenance she gives to my life. Hail Earth Mother!

(Give offering)

Say: “I give thanks to the Ancestors for making my life possible and for the guidance and blessings they give me.” Hail Ancestors!

(Give offering)

Say: “I give thanks to the Nature Spirits who watch over my land and home for the guidance and blessings they give me. Hail Spirits of Nature!”

(Give offering)

Say: “I give thanks to the Gods and Goddesses, especially ….(changes each day)……… for the magic they bring to this world and for the guidance and blessings they give me. Hail Shining Ones!

(Give offering)

Say: “I give thanks to all the Kindred for their presence in my life, and for the blessings they have given me. Hail Holy Ones!”

(Give offering)

Say: “Mighty Kindred of the nine worlds, I give thanks to you today and ask that you accept my offerings. In return I ask for your blessings and protection upon my family, friends and upon my home. Guide me in the path I must walk and may I feel your presence ever with me.

So may it be.”

(Bow then blow out candle)

High Day Recap – Samhain

5 11 2013

I did my ritual on Samhain evening at home alone. It started off quite badly as I was only using candlelight and I couldn’t see the words of the ritual that I had written. I had to add extra candle light which mucked up the flow. Eventually I sorted it and things went relatively smoothly from then on. I used the Solitary Druid Fellowship’s ritual format with some changes. As Morrighan is associated with death, Donn is lord of the dead and Cailleach Bheur has roots in both Ireland and Scotland relating to winter, I thought it was appropriate to honour them as patron and write prayers to them. The offerings I used were oil for the shining ones, fire and each patron, seeds for the nature spirits, home-made cider for the ancestors, silver coin for the well, incense for the tree, oats for the earth mother, an apple for Manannan as gatekeeper and bread as a final offering. I also chose to integrate some extra workings into my ritual including a house cleansing, warding and blessing, as well as specific actions to honour my ancestors. These extras meant the ritual took over an hour to do but helped the whole flow of the ritual. I also used the two powers meditation in the ritual. To honour my ancestors I lit a candle for each of my grandparents and a friend who had died, as well as spending a minute in silence to honour them. I didn’t feel anything special happen in the ritual and I think I need to make more effort with gestures and raising my voice to have more of an effect.

This was the first time I used the Ogham set I had made for the Omen. I asked “Grant me true seeing that I may know what blessings you have for me” after seeing it used by another ADF member in one of their rituals. The Omen was Huathe – Consequence, Fearn – Endurance and Saill – Intuition. I am interpreting this as saying that the blessings that will be the consequence of this ritual are endurance and help in developing intuition. Or it could relate to the need to have endurance and commitment/ discipline to follow a new direction of meditation and looking inward/ developing intuition which I seem to be moving towards in my life. I am interpreting this as a positive omen.

The rest of my celebrations included a party with friends, leaving out food for the ancestors, carving a pumpkin and eating a meal of spicy butternut squash soup, colcannon with vegan sausages and baked apple.

Nature Awareness Update 25th October & Mental Discipline Weeks 25 – 27

25 10 2013

We’ve had a lot of rain recently so I haven’t been able to get out much. Today I went out mid afternoon and it was cloudy but dry. There were a few blue patches in the sky and it was very windy but mild. There are a lot of leaves on the floor now and the Horse Chestnut trees have almost lost all their leaves. Many White Poplar leaves are yellow now too. There are still some blackberries around but they are very small. I noticed some a small holly plant which was probably hidden by all the growth of other plants that have now died back (although I didn’t notice it in the spring). There are also some new nettles around. I heard a few birds singing and saw seagulls and crows circling as the flew up in the wind. There was also a Magpie. Most of the insects, including the spiders are gone now but there were a few Pondskaters and a bee. In the lake there were only 7 swans – I don’t know where the other two have gone.

Mental Discipline

5th October – 11th October

6th October – I did 10 minutes of the Two Powers Meditation at my altar. It went well but visualisation still needs improving.
9th October – I did 10 minutes of the Two Powers Meditation at my altar. It went ok but I slumped so my back hurt and visualisation was very difficult. I prayed to the kindred giving them an offering of incense as well as lighting a candle and praying to Brighid.

12th October – 18th October

17th October – I did 10 minutes of the  Two Powers Meditation at my altar. It went ok but I slumped a lot again as I don’t think I was sitting correctly and found visualisation difficult.  I gave an offering of incense to the kindred and lit a candle to honour Brighid. I’ve decided to try some Buddhist style meditation again rather than Two Powers for a while.

19th October – 25th October

25th October – I meditated for 20 minutes in my nature spot. The time went fast and I felt calm. I enjoyed the wind blowing around me and against me as I sat there still. I changed my routine a little from chanting 1 up to 10 alone to doing that and then counting back down from 10 – 1. I did slouch a lot which i think was because I wasn’t sitting right and my paper I write notes on flew away half way through so I had to sort that out and begin again. My breath slowed when I was meditating but I sometimes felt more tense when it did. I have done some research on mantra meditation and might try some of that this week too.

For more exciting news – I am going to stay at a Buddhist Monastery next weekend so should hopefully be able to reboot my meditation practice and sort out issues I have.

Nature Awareness Update 4th October & Mental Discipline Week 23 + 24

4 10 2013

I went out to the spot in nature early this afternoon. The sky was cloudy although there were a few blue spots. It was very warm and windy. There are still lots of blackberries out but most flowers have died off now. The floor was covered with leaves, and many leaves on the trees have turned yellow (except the horse chestnuts which turn orange or brown), however there are still many green leaves on the trees. The horse chestnut has some large buds appearing on it and the few chestnuts that are left have turned brown. There are still lots of spider webs around and I also saw a few bees and the red dragon fly again. Pond weed is covering the small pond now and is also in the larger pond however there were still quite a few pond skaters in there. There were very few birds in the nature reserve, however on the lake there were seagulls, a heron, 8 swans, 5 coots, some ducks and 6 moorhens. There were also three different types of mushrooms on the grass nearby. It seemed a lot quieter today with a clear sense that things are winding down. There is a lot less activity than there was a month ago. Next week I want to try an experiment by opening myself up to messages from  the Earth Mother and local spirits.

Mental Discipline

21st September – 27th September

21st September – I did 20 minutes meditation at my normal place in nature. I got interrupted twice and my mind kept wandering. i was also distracted by the birds singing. My legs are still a problem as I’m not sure what to do with them when I’m there. But I found my sense of hearing improved and I became more aware of what was going on around me. I felt calm afterwards. Overall I didn’t think it was too good of a session.

25th September – I did the two powers meditation for 10 minutes at home in front of my altar. It went well and the visualisation was a little easier. I also lit a candle and prayed to Brigid.

28th September – 4th October

4th October – I meditated for 20 minutes in the nature spot. My mind kept wandering a lot but I seem to have solved my leg issue by simply keeping my feet flat on the floor. I also seem to breathe faster when my mind wanders and slower once I return to focusing on my breath again. I felt quite calm after.