Dedicant Path Week 5 – Home Shrine

12 04 2013

Above is the picture of my altar. The centre of the altar is my tree (a small bonsai), well (a dish of water with a shell in) and fire (candle). In front of these is a wooden bowl for offerings. On either side of the altar are two vases with flowers in which I inherited from one of my grandmothers who died a few years ago. I have also added two glasses with daffodils in temporarily.

The left hand side of my altar is dedicated to my ancestors and includes a fan used by my grandmother, a picture of my parents wedding which include three of my grandparents who have died, a poppy because I found out recently that I had a great great grandfather who died in the first world war, a St Christopher necklace given to me by my grandmother when I was born and a fossil to remind me that my ancestors go right back through time and evolution to the first common life form. I also have a funeral programme for a friend who was killed three years ago in a car crash and who’s death precipitated my own crisis of faith that led to my rejection of Christianity and my search for a spirituality that is more connected to nature and to ancestors.

Across my altar there are objects from nature to remind me of the nature spirits in my area. These include shells from my local beach, feathers from some local sea gulls and pine cones and chestnuts from local trees. I often add fallen leaves in the autumn too. I also have a bell to begin and end rituals, a chalice for the waters of life and an incense holder with incense in. At the moment I am using a homemade Ogham set for my divination tool so that is also on my altar.

My altar is in my front room so it maintains a central place in my life and is the first thing I see when I walk into the room. It is in the West because it is not practical to put it in the North or East. I am able to maintain it as a permanent shrine.

In future I would like to improve it by having more candles and getting a cauldron for the well and a nicer offering bowl. As I am going for a more Norse/ Anglo-Saxon hearth culture now, I need to make some Runes for divination and I would also like to get some pictures or statues of Norse deities, especially Thor/ Thunor to put on there. I know I have some Japanese ancestry so I’d like to get something small to represent that too. I would also like to buy a drinking horn to replace the chalice.