A History of Neo-Paganism and Druidry: 8 – Discuss the influence of the Internet, and how it has changed Paganism in the 1990s.

6 08 2017

Discuss the influence of the Internet, and how it has changed Paganism in the 1990s (minimum 100 words)

In the early 2000’s James Lewis pointed out that there were over 5000 Pagan websites on the internet. Witches voice had received over 4 million unique visitors. The internet was beginning to have a big impact on Paganism. Just as with festivals, the coming of the Internet in the 1990’s brought a big growth in Paganism, especially a growth in solitaries and increased people’s ability to network with each other and end isolation.

A new group of “Internet Pagans” emerged. They found information about Paganism online and became Pagans, however rather than affiliating to an organisation, they remained as solitaries and networked through chat rooms.

This new trend led to more unique rituals being created – this time for cyberspace. However, some argued that as people weren’t meeting each other, it was superficial and there was no real connection. Today the Internet is still having a major impact on Paganism and helping it to grow and be recognised as a world religion.



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