Liturgy 1.16 – Describe how ADF liturgy corresponds with your personal or group practice.

23 07 2017

Describe how ADF liturgy corresponds with your personal or group practice. (minimum 100 words)

I follow the ADF Core Order of Ritual structure for my rituals at each of the eight high days of the year, as well as for my New Moon celebrations. My altar is focused around the Fire, Well and Tree. I follow an Anglo-Saxon hearth culture primarily so my ritual symbolism and wording is focused on Norse/ Anglo-Saxon imagery. I honour the Anglo-Saxon gods, equate the Well with the Well of Wyrd and the World Tree with Eormensyl. I call the Spirits of Nature “aelfe.” I honour Nerthus as the Earth Mother and choose Anglo Saxon deities as the focus of the key offerings at each High Day. I don’t create a boundary, but I do carry fire around the ritual area and ask Thunor to hallow the area and keep away any unfriendly wights. I take the Omen by using the Anglo-Saxon runes and I brew and use Mead as the Waters of Life. Mead is also my primary form of sacrifice to the gods and spirits. My daily practice is usually focused on a brief prayer, and maybe an offering of incense, to the Ancestors so I don’t use the ADF ritual at those times.

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