Liturgy 1.13 – Discuss your understanding of the Omen.

23 07 2017

Discuss your understanding of the Omen. (minimum 100 words)

The Omen is taken for three reasons. The first is to determine whether the deities and spirits are happy with our offerings. Usually they are happy, however if they express their displeasure through the omen then we must give more sacrifices and see if these offerings are accepted. On extreme occasions that may not be suitable either and the ritual is then abandoned. The second reason is to help the ritual participants become open and receptive to the blessings of the deities so that they can be easily received. The final reason is to ascertain what blessings the spirits and deities will bestow on the participants in return. The participants may be asked to focus on what they need and expect the deities and spirits to provide that, or they may accept the particular blessing suggested by the rune, ogham e.t.c that was chosen. The Omen is usually taken by asking the spirits questions such as “Have our offerings been accepted?” and “What blessings do the Kindreds offer us in return?” and then pulling out one or several runes/ ogham’s to get an answer. It is also possible to use more natural omens such as the flight of birds or the movement of the wind through the trees.

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