Liturgy 1.11 – Discuss how one would choose the focus (or focuses) for the Key Offerings.

23 07 2017

Discuss how one would choose the focus (or focuses) for the Key Offerings. (minimum 100 words)

There are two steps to choosing the focus or focuses for the Key Offerings. The first step is to choose a hearth culture for the ritual. Often this choice will depend on the preferences and religious inclinations of the grove members or ritual organisers. Some groves will focus only on one hearth culture all the time, while others will have members with a range of hearth cultures and therefore will use a variety throughout the year. ADF advises that each ritual focuses on only one hearth culture for that particular ritual in order to ensure we are not calling on spirits that may be antagonistic toward each other, as well as to ensure the symbolism and worldview used in the rites is inwardly coherent and focused.

Once a hearth culture has been chosen, the second step is to choose the particular main deities to honour. Usually this is one or two deities. Choosing the deity is often based on the seasonal occasion or the magical intent of the rite. For example, at Midsummer a grove will often honour a sun deity, while at Mabon they will often honour a harvest deity and at Samhain, they will honour a deity of death. If the purpose of a rite is healing, they may honour a healing deity, while if it is a wedding, they may honour a deity of marriage or family.

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