Liturgy 1.10 – Describe other possible models for the “Filling Out the Cosmic Picture” sections.

23 07 2017

Describe other possible models for the “Filling Out the Cosmic Picture” sections. (minimum 100 words)

The standard way within ADF to fill out the cosmic picture is to recreate the cosmos by honouring and giving an offering to the three hallows – the fire, well and tree, and acknowledging the three realms of land, sea and sky. But there are alternative ways depending on the hearth culture. For example, in a Hellenic hearth culture one might use a Mountain (representing Mt Olympus) rather than the Tree as one of the three hallows and fire may be considered a representation of Hestia. A Celtic hearth culture might consider there to be three realms – land, sea and sky or the five provinces of Ireland, but also view there as being only one Otherworld – Annwn or Tir Na N’Og. While a Norse or Anglo-Saxon hearth culture might view there as being seven or nine worlds. For those more focused on a shamanic worldview, they might use a Pole rather than a tree, and see the three worlds made up of the underworld, the middle world (earth) and the upper world of the gods.

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