Liturgy 1.5 – Discuss the Earth Mother and her significance in ADF liturgy.

16 07 2017

Discuss the Earth Mother and her significance in ADF liturgy. (minimum 100 words)

The Earth Mother is the earth herself. She is the one who upholds, nurtures and sustains us. It is to her that we return at the end of our days. She is Nature, she is our planet, and she is our Mother. We owe her everything, and therefore she is rightly given the honour of being the first one we acknowledge and honour in ADF ceremonies. Historically she has been called Gaia, Nethus, Jord, Terra Mater and Danu. She is known as mother of the gods, and mother of the sacred waters. She is the consciousness in which we all swim. She is the sacred web of life. She is the source. Whether or not she was given such a high honour in historical times, there is no doubt that in these days of rising environmental consciousness, it is very important to acknowledge and look after her. Often, in an ADF ritual, a prayer is directed to her, while participants kneel and kiss or put a hand on the ground in worship. While at the end of the ceremony, any remaining offerings are poured out onto the ground to honour her. And during the grounding parts of a ritual, we connect to her as a source of stability and power. By honouring the Earth Mother in our rituals, we honour the land itself.

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