Liturgy 1.2 – Describe some of the roles individuals might take on within the context of ritual.

16 07 2017

Describe some of the roles individuals might take on within the context of ritual. (minimum 100 words)

There are three main roles in a ritual, which correspond to the three classes of druids in ancient Druidry. These are – the Druid, the Ovate and the Bard.

The Druid is the main priest/ess and the primary ritual organiser. They have overall responsibility for the ritual and ensuring it runs smoothly and keeps to the correct structure. They may also have assistants who help them in this role. The Ovate is the seer or grove diviner. They are in change of the divination, of interpreting any messages from the deities and spirits, and noting the effects of the rite. Third is the Bard. They are in charge of the music and inspiring the participants. Often they will be the writer of the ritual, although in bigger groups there may be a liturgist to do this. Essentially the bard aims to guide the feelings of the participants, either alone or with a team of musicians and chanters.

There also a number of other possible roles that can be undertaken in a ritual, especially in larger groups. There could be a sacrificer to perform the sacrifices, a fire tender to ensure the fires are kept lit and safety is maintained and a cupbearer to give the blessing cup to each participant. There may be people to welcome participants and direct them where to stand, and there may be people to help with problems that may arise within the ceremony such as emergencies. These are often from the Warrior or Healer guilds. A divine fool may be part of a ceremony, and their role is to ensure the ritual maintains balance. They counter irregularities and fine tune the ritual. Finally, there is the role that everyone undertakes – that of giving praise and offerings to the deities and spirits.

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