Final Oath Essay

25 03 2014

I performed my dedicant oath during my Ostara ritual in March 2014 at the moment of the Vernal Equinox. It was the final high day of my Dedicant Path year. I did the rite in private at home as I do not live near to a grove. As with all my rituals, I followed the ADF format of ritual using the Solitary Druid Fellowship’s text with a few changes.

I really liked the wording of the Oath text in the ADF manual and so I primarily used that with a few adaptations. My oath was to follow the path of Druidry for as long as I feel it to be the right path for me. This phrasing was deliberate because, while I am confident that this is the path I want to follow, I didn’t want to make an oath which stopped me changing it in future if I no longer felt it to be the right way. I also included wording in the oath that stated my intention to seek to live in harmony with the Earth, to keep the eight holy days of Druidry, to continue to research more about my ancestors beliefs and cultures and to try and live by the ADF virtues. As I made the oath, I held a hammer in honour of Thunor, the Anglo Saxon god of oaths. I finished it with the traditional ending of invoking the three worlds against me if I break it.

The whole ritual went well and the oath part went well too. I didn’t have any issues as I had prepared it all before and had everything written out, however I would have liked to have bought a special ring for it which I didn’t manage to do. I didn’t really feel much in the rite except that it felt like the right thing to do. I did have a sense that this was a very important decision I was making which made it more solemn.

After finishing my oath, I gave a sacrifice of honey to all the Kindreds as I felt this needed an extra special offering to mark the occassion. I also took an omen specific to the oath asking the Kindreds what blessings they offered in return for the Oath and sacrifice. The omen was Iodhadh (Yew) from the gods which is illusion in the ADF dedicant path book, Luis (Rowan) from the ancestors which is protection and Uillean (Honeysuckle) from the nature spirits which is attraction. I am not sure how to interpret the omen, especially from the gods, but overall it seems positive. Looking at the Wheel of the Year Manual, the Iodhadh could be interpreted as memory/ ancestors and Uillean as sweetness and drawing together which again would be positive.

Looking forward I want to develop in ADF Druidry by pursuing the Generalist Study Program and joining a few of the guilds such as the Naturalist guild. I also want to further develop my devotional practices and look for more ways to live in harmony with nature. Overall, I am feel this year has really helped me to discover Druidry as the spiritual path I want to pursue in my life and has prepared me to be able to take the oath to do so.



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26 05 2017

Beautifully done and congratulations.

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