High Day Recap – Imbolc

1 02 2014

I did my Imbolc ritual at 3pm on 1st February. It went reasonably well although I lost one piece of my script for a minute and forgot to light one of the candles. However I felt empowered at several points during the ritual. As usual I used the Solitary Druid Fellowship’s ritual format although with quite a few additions. I decided that as this was a Celtic holiday, I would honour the celtic pantheon again with the Patrons being Brigid and Manannan (as it was traditionally the beginning of the fishing season too). Manannan was also my gatekeeper. I gave oats to the Earth Mother as an offering, silver to the well, oil to the fire and shining ones, an apple to manannan, seeds to the nature spirits, cider to the ancestors, soya milk to Brigid and bread as a final offering. I also prayed for a blessing over my seeds, tools and land.

I used my Ogham set for the Omen and got – Ceirt (beauty, love) from shining ones, Ruis (Transition ) for ancestors and Coll (Creativity) from the nature spirits. I am taking this as a very positive omen and blessings from the Kindred.

The rest of my celebrations included eating lots of (fake) dairy products, putting cloth out for brigid to bless last night, making a brigid bed, lighting lots of candles and putting them in the windows, leaving bread and butter on the windowsill as an offering, buying a candle making kit, and this evening I will make a spicy lentil shepherds pie.



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