Nature Awareness 8th Dec 2013 and Mental Discipline Updates

8 12 2013

So I haven’t been out to my normal place in Nature since the last post on the topic back in October. I decided at Samhain that the weather is becoming too cold now and I have seen most of the yearly cycle – everything is dying off. I also think I’m going to switch the spot I go to from the nature conservation area to a local park behind my house. This is partly because its closer so I’ll be more likely to go, but more importantly it isn’t restrictive in terms of offerings. I couldn’t give offerings at the nature conservation area because it would attract rats and they would eat the baby chicks e.t.c which I definitely don’t want to happen, however I can easily give offerings in the park (albeit there’s more people around) and hopefully this will mean I can develop a closer relationship with the nature spirits.

I am also changing my mental discipline plans. I have tried to follow a meditation regime but I have failed to feel like I’m making any progress or enjoying it. I have done the required 5 months and I will still do some meditation now and again using a Buddhist loving kindness meditation or Stoic meditation but a disciplined daily regime feels beyond me. I think I have done enough to have a reasonable understanding of the Two Powers meditation and I have explored many other types of meditation but I would like to change to a more devotional practice using the Solitary Druid Fellowships evening devotion (with some small amendments). I won’t have a set time each day I’ll be doing it as I have found that too difficult to keep to when my life doesn’t have a set routine, so I will do it whenever I can and hopefully every day. I am also switching my focus more to a Norse Pantheon as I seem to be connecting better with it.

Mental Discipline

Week 28 (26th October – 1st November)

31st October – I did a Two Powers meditation for 10 minutes in front of the altar as part of my Samhain ritual. It went well although I felt tense still and kept slumping. The visualisations are not getting any easier.

Week 29 (2nd November – 8th November)

2nd November – I went to a Buddhist retreat this weekend. This involved a lot more meditation than I was used to. It started with a 3 hour workshop on meditation which consisted of a short talk, 45 minutes sitting meditation, 45 minutes walking meditation and finally another 45 minutes sitting meditation. I really enjoyed the walking meditation and learned how to do it properly. Later that day we had another 1 hour meditation session.

3rd November – The day began with an hour meditation at 5am in the morning and another one at 7pm in the evening. Meditation for these long periods was difficult mainly because I kept needing to move around due to pain. I still keep slumping and the monk suggested I might need to take up alternatives like Tai Chi to help me deal with my posture issues. Overall I felt the weekend helped me to really progress my meditation skills.

Week 30 (9th Nov – 15th Nov )

No meditation this week.

Week 31 (16th Nov – 22nd Nov)

No meditation this week.

Week 32 (23rd Nov – 29th Nov)

25th November – It was the beginning of Stoic Week so I did the Stoic Meditations which consist of a focusing on breathing for a short time, then contemplating the vastness of the universe and my place in it. Following that one plans their day and visualises situations where it might not go according to plan and how its best to deal with those. I felt this type of meditation where my mind is engaged in planning seems to be easier.

26th November – I did 10 minutes of Stoic Meditation as above.

27th November – I did 10 minutes of Stoic Meditation as above.

28th November – I did 10 minutes of Stoic Meditation as above.

Week 33 (30th Nov – 6th Dec)

2nd December – I did 10 minutes Stoic Meditation. I also did a Stoic circle of compassion meditation mixed with a Buddhist loving kindness meditation. I visualised a light of love surrounding my body then extending it out to encompass different groups of people until the whole world was encompassed. I also said silently “May you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be loved” at each stage. I found the visualisation hard but I did feel it was beneficial.

3rd December – The last of the Stoic Week meditations today. I also did a 15 minute guided meditation which was focused on contemplating my place in the universe by imagining myself floating up from my body. It was again difficult to do the visualisation and the words were spoken too fast which made things difficult. I need to do some practice on it.

4th December – I did an evening devotional and gave offerings of Oats to the Kindred.

6th December – I did an evening devotional and gave offerings of Oats to the Kindred.

Outline of new daily devotion

(Light Candle & Incense)

Say: “I come before the sacred fire, sacred well and the sacred tree to give thanks for the blessings in my life.”

(Breathe deep 9 times)

Say: “I give thanks to the Earth Mother, Nerthus, for the support and sustenance she gives to my life. Hail Earth Mother!

(Give offering)

Say: “I give thanks to the Ancestors for making my life possible and for the guidance and blessings they give me.” Hail Ancestors!

(Give offering)

Say: “I give thanks to the Nature Spirits who watch over my land and home for the guidance and blessings they give me. Hail Spirits of Nature!”

(Give offering)

Say: “I give thanks to the Gods and Goddesses, especially ….(changes each day)……… for the magic they bring to this world and for the guidance and blessings they give me. Hail Shining Ones!

(Give offering)

Say: “I give thanks to all the Kindred for their presence in my life, and for the blessings they have given me. Hail Holy Ones!”

(Give offering)

Say: “Mighty Kindred of the nine worlds, I give thanks to you today and ask that you accept my offerings. In return I ask for your blessings and protection upon my family, friends and upon my home. Guide me in the path I must walk and may I feel your presence ever with me.

So may it be.”

(Bow then blow out candle)



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