Nature Awareness Update 25th September & Mental Discipline Week 22

25 09 2013

I went out to my usual nature spot on Sunday as it was the Autumn Equinox. It was 3pm and it was cloudy, but warm with a little wind. There are still lots of blackberries out and some aren’t yet ripe. There were a few bees and wasps as well as spiders in large webs. I also saw two red dragon fly’s, lots of pond skaters and a butterfly. Many leaves on the trees have changed colour to red, yellows and browns now however on some trees most leaves are still green. There were a pair of small birds in a tree and some magpies and sea gulls around. One of the swans is missing but I saw a young adult moorhen too. I’m not sure what happened to the others.

Mental Discipline

14th September  – 20th September

20th September – I did a 10 minute Two Powers meditation in front of my altar. It went well but I felt a bit tense and visualisation is still difficult.



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