Nature Awareness Update 13th September & Mental Discipline Weeks 19 – 21

13 09 2013
English: Horse chestnut leaves turning brown

English: Horse chestnut leaves turning brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been very bad and not visited my nature spot since the end of August because I have been very busy. Today I went out at 3pm but it was raining a little. There was some wind and light grey clouds covered the sky. The last few days I have had a sense of things changing in nature. The weather has turned, it has become cold enough that I’ve now had to shut the windows in my flat and the number of leaves covering the ground is now noticeable. The leaves on many trees are changing colour and the blackberries are beginning to go over. Many flowers have died off and the plants are turning brown. The horse chestnuts have few green leaves left and the white poplar leaves are beginning to turn yellow. I saw a few bees, a red dragon fly and some large spider webs but there were very few insects around. There were lots of seagulls and I saw a Dunnock but couldn’t see any others (although I heard a few in the trees). It’s really beginning to feel like the earth is dying off again now.

Mental Discipline

24th – 30th August

25th August – I did the two powers meditation for 10 mins in front of my altar. It went well today and i only slouched once. i found visualisation a little easier too and towards the end (when the currents were mixing) I felt warm and could sense extra light (might have been from the sun though). I lit a candle beforehand and prayed the druids prayer as well as a prayer to Brighid, I also lit some incense as an offering.

26th August – I meditated for 20 minutes in the nature spot outside. My legs wouldn’t get comfortable so I had to try different positions but none felt relaxed. It seemed a lot easier to focus but my mind did wander a few times and I got interrupted by someone too. I also had trouble with my back again. Overall it seemed a good session but I need to deal with the comfort issues when I’m sat outside.

31st August – 6th September

1st September – I did two powers meditation for 10 minutes in front of my altar. It went well and visualisation was slightly easier. I also slouched less. I did feel tense as I was imagining the water coming up into me and could sense brighter light as I imagined sky power going into me.

7th September – 13th September

13th September – I did 20 minutes meditation outside in the nature spot. I felt very calm afterwards. The meditation went ok but I had a lot of tension in my feet and my mind kept wandering after about 10 minutes. I had no issues with my back which was good.



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