Nature Awareness Update & Mental Discipline Week 18

27 08 2013

I went out to the nature conservation area on Monday evening. It was a lovely sunny hot day, with no wind and not a cloud in the sky. There were sounds of crickets, seagulls and a few small birds singing. I saw many insects including butterflies, a pond skater, a red dragon fly and a blue one. There were also many bees and wasps still collecting nectar. The plants are now taller than I am, most of the blackberries are ripe but there are still many not yet ripe. The horse chestnut seeds are very big now and the leaves on those trees are turning brown.

There weren’t many birds around this week. I saw a robin, a wood pigeon and a large raven. There were no moorhens in the ponds today either.

I picked up a piece of rubbish and took it home as an offering because i’m not allowed to leave anything there for the nature spirits.

Mental Discipline

17th August – 23rd August

The good news this time is that I have managed to meditate a lot this week.

17th August – I did a four minute meditation. It was difficult to focus at the beginning and I was interrupted a few times. Otherwise it went well. My hearing senses felt a lot clearer.

18th August – I did a 20 minute meditation outside in the nature spot. The time seemed to drag and I kept slouching. I lost focus quite often but not as much as a few weeks ago.

20th August – I have decided to go back to doing the Two Powers meditations. I did a meditation for 10 minutes in front of the altar. The visualisations are still very difficult but I found it easier to stay focused. It was a good session. I felt calm after and like I had “filled up on power.”

21st August – I did the Two Powers meditation. I felt very hot and tense so I wasn’t breathing properly during the session and I had some chest pain. The visualisations were difficult but I did feel calm afterwards.

22nd August – I did the Two Powers meditation for 10 minutes. I also prayed to Brighid first. I put an extra cushion on my chair after having asked a meditation expert for advice about slouching and he said a strong foundation is key. It did seem to help with slouching a bit. I’m still struggling with visualisation though.



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