Nature Awareness Update 18th August

18 08 2013
Red Dragon Fly

Red Dragon Fly (Photo credit: philip1120)

I went out at 1pm on Sunday. It was warm, windy and sunny although there were lots of clouds in the sky, some white and others grey.

There were lots of butterflies out this week, they appear to increase in number each week. I also saw a blue one which is new as previously there had only been white or brown ones. There were quite a few bees collecting nectar. On the pond were two pond skaters, a water boatman and a blue dragon fly. Amazingly, there were also three massive red dragon flies, two of which were mating.

There were very few birds around today. I saw one medium size moorhen chick but not the rest of its family. The swans were in the lake with their seven cygnets and there were many sea gulls overhead. I heard what might have been a woodpecker but I couldn’t see it in the trees.

The horse chestnuts have massive fruits on them now and one has dropped a lot of its leaves, with the other leaves have changed over half their colour to red-brown. Earlier in the week I walked past an Oak tree and there were lots of acorns on it which was lovely to see.



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