Dedicant Path Week 18 – High Day Recap – Lughnasadh

11 08 2013

I did the ritual on my own about an hour before sunset on eve of Lughnasadh. The ritual went really well as I used the Solitary Druid Fellowships ritual with a few of my own modifications. These were a change in the prayer to the earth mother (to one I had written myself) and a different statement of purpose. I also included a three minute meditation during the centering and grounding part as I learned from the last one that having it further on seemed to break up the flow of the ritual. This time it worked well. Manannan Mac Lyr was my gatekeeper and the patron was Lugh. The offerings were as before – oil for the fire and gods, apple for the gatekeeper, silver coin for the well, oats for the earth mother, cider for the ancestors, seeds for the nature spirits and a special offering of bread for Lugh that I had made myself. I also wrote a prayer to Lugh. The ritual went well but I didn’t feel anything special.

The omen was very positive. First I asked how were the offerings accepted and got back the knight of vessels – the eel. The Eel is the purveyor of wisdom and protection, it can become a weapon of warriors and it swims through the weeds. The card is also associated with attraction, welcoming, compliance, agreement and union. I felt this meant the offerings were received positively. The second question was – how shall you respond? The card was Queen of Stones – the bear. This means power and protection of the land, richness and plenty, pragmatism, generosity and prosperity. It can also mean a demanding individual, assurance and frankness. The final question was – what more would you have me learn? This came out as Ten of Bows – responsibility. It talks of a struggle up a path towards the reassuring glow of security and companionship, the need for inner fortitude, stoic resolve and determination to take on the task handed to me, to take responsibility for actions and learn valuable lessons. I am interpreting this as a very positive omen and that the kindred accept my offerings and give me prosperity in return but they expect me to be responsible and determined in the tasks I have to deal with.

The rest of my celebrations included making bread as a symbol of the first harvest of grain and picking blackberries from behind my house and putting them on my altar along with sweetcorn. I didn’t have a party this year because people were too busy but hopefully I will for autumn equinox.



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