Nature Awareness Update 12th June & Mental Discipline Week 11 + 12

12 07 2013

Last week I was on holiday so I’m having to do two weeks worth in one. I didn’t manage to get out to my place in nature last week but I was camping and spent a lot of time outside so I reckon that counts.

On Thursday this week I went out, it was very sunny and we’ve been enjoying a lovely heatwave. The sky was blue and there were a few wispy streaks of cirrus clouds. There was a little wind but not much.

There were many seagulls, a few wood pigeons, a swift and some crows. There were also a few house sparrows and dunnocks (I can finally identify these). The brilliant news is that the two moorhens were in the pond….and they have four new baby chicks! The chicks are so small and cuts but they and able to swim and for the most part feed themselves so they are doing better than the last lot. I did ask the spirits and the earth mother to look after them this time and help them all survive. There was another bird which I couldn’t identify (I’m pretty sure it was their previous chick that survived) and it kept coming close but being chased away by the adults.

There were lots of insects around including three pondskaters, a dragon fly, bees, butterflies and lots of spiders webs. The reeds have grown noticeably large and the meadowsweet and purple loose strife are both flowering now but the yellow iris’ have almost all gone over.

As usual, I greeted the earth mother, nature spirits and spirit of the place and thanked them when I left.

Mental Discipline


29th June – 5th July

I was on holiday this week so I decided to do a meditation at camp site. I kept getting distracted but did 20 minutes. It didn’t go that well as my back was in pain a little because I wasn’t sat right.

6th July – 12th July

11th July – I did 20 minutes meditation out in the conservation area. I got distracted a few times by the birds and my mind wandered a few times. However I felt very calm afterwards, and during the meditation I felt some feelings of going within or boundaries disappearing. It was a good session and I’m enjoying doing it out in nature. I do feel I should be further ahead at this point in being able to have a clear mind so have decided to try and make the meditations a daily habit by starting off doing just 3 mins a day and building up slowly, but doing longer on the day when I’m out in nature.



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