Nature Awareness Update 29th June & Mental Discipline Week 10

29 06 2013

swans29thjuneI went out at 5.20pm. It was sunny and warm, with a small amount of wind. The sky started off with big white fluffy clouds but they gradually cleared leaving a beautiful blue sky. There were lots of insects around, especially bees and butterflies. I also saw three of the dragonflies in the bigger pond. There were also many birds – sea gulls, one moorhen (but no chick), some blackbirds, a pied wagtail, a wood pigeon and a swallow. The swans were on the lake with their seven cygnets who are very big now. The coots had their two chicks with them and I also saw three female mallard ducks which is the first time i’ve seen them this year. There was also a duckling :).  There was a heron again and some different ducks which were mostly black but with white chests. The plants were growing strongly still and there were a few new plants I hadn’t noticed before.

Mental Discipline

22nd June – 28th June

I decided to try something different and do some meditation outside in nature. I did 15 minutes with my eyes closed. I’ve decided to do it as part of my time in nature in future by adding some time on to the end of the normal hour I spend out there. I was sat on a flat surface again so I found my back had some pain but when I sat on the edge of the bench it seemed to get better. It was still hard to concentrate and focus though, especially when other people were nearby. The time did go fast though and I felt very calm after. It was a good first attempt.



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