Nature Awareness Update 23rd June & Mental Discipline Week 9

23 06 2013

dragonflyI went to the nature reserve at 2.30 on Friday. It was June 21st, the summer solstice. The sky was blue but there were lots of threatening white-grey clouds. It did get hot and sunny for a short time before the clouds came over again. I didn’t see any swans today but the baby coots and the baby moorhen are all well grown and walking on their own. There were two magpies screeching a lot and some seagulls flew by but I didn’t see many other birds.

The big highlight was seeing four dragonflies/ damselflies, two of whom were mating on a leaf. It was great to see the dragonflies as they only live outside the water a few weeks. I also saw a spider, two pond skaters, a water boatman, two butterflies (including a speckled wood one) and hundreds of bees collecting nectar, especially from the iris’.

The horse chestnut trees have lost all their flowers now and red/ brown patches are appearing on their leaves. Many plants have reached 6 ft tall and the yellow iris’ include purple and white ones too now.

Mental Discipline

15th June – 21st June

21st June – I didn’t do devotions this week as I did the meditation as part of my high day solstice ritual. I did the ritual and then did the two powers meditation and the metta meditations at the time the solstice occurred. The visualisations were slightly easier but I was distracted by noises outside. My back seemed ok most of the time. It went well and I felt refreshed during the two powers meditation.



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