Dedicant Path Week 12 – High Day Recap – Litha

23 06 2013

I did my Solstice ritual at the time of the solstice (6.04am) on Friday 21st June. The ritual went well and quite smoothly. I used the structure and wording from the Solitary Druid Fellowship’s ritual but with a few modifications. I decided to honour Manannan and Aine as the patron deities during this ritual and Manannan was also the gatekeeper. I printed out an image of him to put above my altar which made things easier I think. I remembered to keep the offerings close to me this time so the flow of the ritual went better and I used the same offering types as previously. I found two praise poems online (one for manannan and one for aine) which I used as part of the ritual. I also decided to honour the sun by doing a sun salutation (yoga). I included this weeks meditation in my ritual, doing both the two powers and the metta meditations but I’m not sure I did them in the right place so might move the meditation to a different part of the ritual next time. I didn’t feel anything special happen but I did enjoy the ritual. I asked different questions this time of the kindreds for the omen – first was how were my offerings received? The card I pulled was Green Woman and the explanation was to do with summer solstice, fire, sovereignty, blessing, bounty and divine life. I am taking that as a positive omen. The second question was – how shall you respond? I pulled the Moon on Water card but it was upside down which totally confused me. Meanings include potential, winter solstice, gateway to the soul, mystic still point, intuition, consciousness, inner transformation, illuminating a path or darkness. It was however upside down which should mean the opposite of these things. It confused me quite a lot unless it means something about the external. The final question was what more would you have me learn? Again this was upside down but was the Woodward. Normally this means Lughnasadh, patience/ love countering anger & hate, maturity, courage, calm resolute strength, facing fear and inner darkness, mercy. I’m not sure what the kindred want me to learn that would be the opposite of these things? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I definitely need to make some runes or Oghams so there isn’t an upside down option to confuse me in future. I am taking away from this that the Kindred accepted my offerings though so that is good.

The rest of my celebrations included a big party with friends, decorating my with oak leaves and sunflower seeds, watching a version of a midsummer nights dream and spending time in nature. I also got up to watch the sunrise at 5am but it was cloudy so didn’t see much more than the sky turning a bit pinker.



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