Nature Awareness Update 16th June & Mental Discipline Week 8

17 06 2013

I went out on Sunday at 5.30. I only stayed half and hour this time because I didn’t have enough time to do a full hour. It was warm but the wind picked up after a while making it feel quite chilly. It was mostly dry but the sky was cloudy with clunky white and grey clouds that blanketed most of the sky (maybe alto-stratus clouds).

There were seagulls being very noisy and there were a few birds singing. The blue tits have definitely left the nest box now and I didn’t walk to the lake to see the swans or moor hens so cant update on them. There was a duck, a wren an a wood-pigeon around.

CAM00019I saw lots of bees and insects so I’m sure there is a hive in the conservation area somewhere. The trees are looking very green and alive and many of the plants are getting very tall. There is a lot of one type of plant – its a large green plant with thin stalks and hundreds of tiny white flowers on its head. I can’t work out what it is but I’ve posted this photo in case you know.

The conservation area is a marshy area, which means its not quite land and not quite water – it is a liminal place where earth and water mix. Of course liminal places are sacred to the Celts which is interesting.

Mental Discipline

Week 8 – 8th June – 14th June

I did my normal devotions on Wednesday 12th  and then meditated using the two powers meditation and the metta meditation. Visualisations are still difficult and my back hurt again so I don’t think I was sitting properly. It went ok.



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