Nature Awareness Update 8th June and Mental Discipline Week 7

10 06 2013

I went out to the conservation area on Friday at 4. It was sunny, warm and there was a blue sky. There were a few cumulus clouds and alto-cumulus clouds around which means good weather (and it was beautiful all weekend).

Common Moorhen (young)

Common Moorhen (young) (Photo credit: Lukas Vermeer)

The flowers on the horse chestnuts are dying back now, the grass and nettles are 4-5ft tall and there are some beautiful flowers that look like the yellow iris’ but are purple around. I saw lots of bees, a ladybird and a white butterfly. There were house sparrows, sea gulls, wood pigeons, a robin, the swans and their seven cygnets and some coots with their two babies. The moorhens aren’t together any more but the good news is that one of their young did survive after all and is now able to walk and eat by itself. The blue tits have all gone quiet though and none were around their nest box this time. I don’t know whether that means something has happened to the chicks or that they no longer need their parents help.

Mental Discipline

1st June – 7th June

I did my normal devotions and the two powers meditation on 2nd June. I then did a loving kindness (metta) meditation which I’d been planning to do for a while since I found out that scientists have shown it can affect brain structure and make me more compassionate. The time didn’t drag this time and apart from a few itches I wasn’t fidgety at all. Unfortunately someone did phone in the middle of the metta meditation which distracted me. I felt very peaceful and calm and at one point in the metta meditation even felt quite emotional. Visualisations are still a problem but I’m getting a little better at it.



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