Nature Awareness Update 1st June and Mental Discipline Week 6

2 06 2013

I went out a bit later than normal. It was almost 7pm on Saturday evening. It was warm and sunny, although it was a bit windy and I felt colder as time went on. The sky was blue with some high up wispy, cirrus clouds streaking in many directions, and a few low fluffy cumulus clouds. This suggests a change in weather.


Cirrus (Photo credit: ComputerHotline)

There was notable absence of blue bells or dandelions in the area (although I have still seen them in other places). The swans and their cygnets have now moved to the lake nearby so I didn’t see them, and I also didn’t see any baby moorhens – just one adult on the pond. I fear they have all been killed. I saw a great tit on the grass and reeds and the two blue tits are still going back and forth to their nest box bringing caterpillars to their young. I think I saw the beak of one of their chicks. There was a duck, some sea gulls, dunnocks, wood pigeons, a robin and some house sparrows. I realised that I haven’t seen any female ducks in the pond at all this year.

There are several insects around including a bee and one small insect that landed on the bench I was sat on – it looked like a small daddy longlegs.

The plants are growing strongly now and many are 3-4ft tall. There is one plant in particular that has small green flowers on top of it, thin stems and small leaves. I wish I could identify it.

Mental Discipline

25th May – 31st May

I did my normal devotions along with the two powers meditation and a 10 minute mindfulness meditation. I felt very tense and couldn’t visualise well (although it was slightly easier that last time.) The period of meditation went badly because I was fidgety and couldn’t stay focused or calm. I only did one session again this week :(.



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