Nature Awareness Update 25th May and Mental Discipline Week 5

25 05 2013

Today was nice and sunny again. It was warm enough to wear only a T shirt. There were a few white clouds in the sky and there was a slight breeze. I arrived at the conservation area about 4.45pm. There were a couple of magpies around as well as a wood pigeon. The two swans were busy eating, swimming and cleaning themselves along with their seven cygnets. I saw a moorhen alone and later saw a second moorhen but they only had one chick with them. I really hope this doesn’t mean the other ones died :(. I saw a great tit on the reeds and it was pulling bits off. Meanwhile the blue tits were busy going back and forth to their nest box. I could hear four or five distinct bird songs.

White Poplar leaves; underside left, upper sid...

White Poplar leaves; underside left, upper side right (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were three swifts and lots of sea gulls. I’m not sure what species of gull as I didn’t see the colour of their legs but they had white bodies, grey wings and black tips of their wings. I saw a few insects including some spiders. There are lots of yellow iris’ out now and I worked out that the other species of tree in the conservation zone is a white poplar. That means the main trees are white poplars, willows and horse chestnut.

Later I went for a walk through some woods and saw a hawthorn in flower. I also so hundreds of wild garlic plants. I have also worked out that the plant I thought originally was a white blue bell is also related to garlic and is part of the same family.

Mental Discipline

Week 5 (18th May – 24th May)

This week was week nine and focused on the Two Powers so I included that in my meditations. I was very bad again this week and only managed to do one meditation session on 19th May. I did devotions in front of the altar followed by the two powers meditation sitting down. It certainly made the time go faster. I only did 10 minutes of the two powers one so will do 10 minutes normal meditation and 10 minutes two powers meditation from now on. I’m not good at visualisations so I definitely think I need some practice with it. I felt calm and had no pain. I will try better next week to do more meditations.



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