Nature Awareness Update 18th May and Mental Discipline Week 4

19 05 2013

SAMSUNGThis week was something really special. It was a nice sunny warm Saturday evening. I arrived at 4.30pm and the sun was still hot, there was a slight breeze and the sky was completely blue. There was a half moon out. I saw a coal tit on the way there and when I arrived I noticed a big change – the swan was gone! There were a few ducks in the pond, the birds were singing in the trees and sea gulls and wood pigeons were flying around. Every tree has leaves on it now and the area is looking very very green. I saw several insects including a white butterfly and a small spider.

About 10 minutes after I sat down, the swan appeared, then another, and then seven baby swans. They were so cute with their grey fluffy fur, black beaks and white necks. I watched for 20 minutes as the proud parents directed them to a small stream area and they all ate plants there. It was an amazing sight.

After a while the swans left and I sat and watched the blue tits coming back and forth to their nest box. This time both parents were going in and out constantly. I assume that their young had been born in the past week too and so they were trying to feed them.

Then came the cutest thing I’ve ever seen – The Moorhens have also had their young this week and they look so so cute – like tiny black balls of fur. There are four baby moorhens and I noticed that rather than stay close to their young like the swans, the moorhen parents would go off and collect food to bring back and feed their young. It was a wonderful thing to watch.

There are a lot of flowers out, but the daffodils have gone and the dandelions are mostly going over now. The blackbirds were flying back and forth a lot too. If there is one word I would use to sum up this time it is – ALIVE.

Mental Discipline

Week 4 (11th May – 17th May)

I did meditation twice this week. Each time for 15 minutes and after previously doing my normal devotions. They were comfortable and I have worked out that sitting on two cushions together helps a lot. On 11th my hands felt hot for a while and then began to hurt, however my feet were better. The time dragged a bit and while I concentrated well for the first few minutes, I began to lose focus a lot by half way through. It was a reasonably good session though. On 12th I did another session and was comfortable, however I slouched many times and it hurt after a while. The time didn’t drag so much but I still lost focus a lot.



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