Nature Awareness Update 11th May and Mental Discipline Week 3

11 05 2013

Nature Awareness Update

Today was cloudy and there was a cold wind. I went out at 4.45. Although the sun came out a couple of times for a few minutes, it definitely wasn’t the warmest day. There were plenty of flowers out today, including some yellow iris’, often known as the “Queen of the Marshes” and many hundreds of small yellow flowers that looked like buttercups. However the daffodils are all gone now with just their stalks left. Surprisingly many of the bluebells were also beginning to look worn so I’m not sure how long they have left. There were lots of flowers on the horse chestnuts too. With all the tree buds now burst into leaf and plants getting larger, the place is looking very green and alive now. It is such a contrast to what it was six weeks ago.

Blue tit Français : Mésange bleue Deutsch: Bla...

Blue tit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw many birds again today – I saw a rook, crow or raven (still need to work out the differences), seagulls, ducks, wood-pigeons, blackbirds and moorhens. The Moot Swan was still on her nest and the other swan has returned today – I hadn’t seen him since the first week I went out. The second swan didn’t do very much – he just stayed in the same place on the pond as though he was guarding the other swan ready for the birth of its young. There were a couple of ducks trying to mate with one biting the others head and there were quite a few ducks flying around today. I saw a coal or marsh tit when I first arrived however there was a distinct lack of bird song for the first half hour or so. A blue tit came back to its nest four times during the hour, each time it landed on many branches nearby and cautiously looked around before going to the box. Each time another blue tit would pop its head out of the box and the first one would give it some food. It was so cute to watch. I’m also beginning to be able to pick out its call among the other bird songs. There was a moorhen making a noise in some undergrowth at one point and another time two moorhens were sharing some food together until the Moot Swan came over and ate it instead (cheeky thing!)

I saw a white butterfly but few other insects today.

While it was a relaxing time, it did seem to drag on after the first half an hour. I’m not sure why but I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual, perhaps because of the weather.

Mental Discipline Update

4th May to 10th May

This week I only managed to do meditation once. I really need to do better next time. I did my meditation on Tuesday 7th May. I did my normal devotions and meditated for 15 minutes. It was a reasonably good session however it was uncomfortable at times as my hands kept slipping and my feet felt tense on the ground. I kept slouching and am still having problems focusing. The time also seemed to drag on.



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