Dedicant Path Week 6 – Mental Discipline

26 04 2013

Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

The Dedicant Path requires 5 months of consistent mental discipline practices to pass the course, with practice at least once a week. I decided that I would try to do more than once a week if I could but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t keep to a daily practice. I decided that I would combine the morning devotions of the Solitary Druid Fellowship with some meditation sat in front of my altar. I first light a candle and follow the morning devotions. Then I light some incense and do the Fire-Water focusing from the Dedicant Path manual. I say the Druids peace prayer and then do a 10 minute sitting meditation focusing on my breathing. I have been trying out the 4-2-4-2 sequence this week. I finish my time with the prayer “fire, well and sacred tree, flow and flame and grow in me.”

On Saturday (20th) and Sunday (21st) I did it. I also did it on Thursday (25th) Friday (26th) but was too busy to do it on the other days. All four days went Ok but I was losing focus often and I’m having a lot of tension and pain in my back. I also found it hard to keep the 4-2-4-2 rhythm going. I decided that as I am not able to do it in the morning very often, I will only use the second part of the SDF morning devotions rather than the whole lot. I also came to the conclusion that I need to do it for a slightly longer period because I take a few minutes up just relaxing so I’m going to start doing 15 minutes instead.

Nature Awareness Update – 25th April 2013

I went out a little later this week (6.45pm). It had been sunny all day however it was turning cloudy as I headed to the nature reserve area. The sun did continue to shine throughout my time there. There was very little wind today and it felt a lot warmer.


Bluebells (Photo credit: bestyphotoman)

As in previous weeks there were lots of small birds singing in the trees. There were sea gulls flying over head and many wood pigeons. Ducks and a moor hen came to the pond and went several times. I even saw the ducks taking off and landing today. The moot swan was still sat on the nest and added bits to it. There were a lot more insects today than I had seen previously and I think they were mosquito’s. I also saw a bumble bee – the first I’ve seen this year. It only ever goes to one flower on each plant and leaves the rest. The daffodils were still out and there were a lot of blue bells out on the way there – as well as some flowers that looked similar to blue bells but were pink or white. Having researched them it appears that blue bells can be white and pink too – the pink ones are probably Spanish! But they can be more aggressive then blue bells and take over the area which isn’t good.

There were lots of small birds tweeting to each other today – I think they were chatting lol! Many were too far away for me to identify. I saw a few blackbirds and a couple of Great Tits came back to their nest box again. I also noticed that there are quite a few trees that are only just bursting into bud now. I also noticed that there were a lot more willow trees than I’d previously realised – maybe 8 or 9 in the reserve. I can’t tell the exact species of willow but they have long yellow branches which dangle down, thin green leaves and catkins.

As time went on, dark clouds began to come over and the sun set as I was leaving. It was definitely warmer today than previously and there were lots more insects out. On the way home I noticed many of the dandelions are going over now and you can see the seeds on a few of them.

I didn’t remember to take an offering with me today, but the pond was looking very horrible and polluted and I think I need to bring the spirits an offering and do something to help next time.



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