Dedicant Path Week 4 – First Book Started

8 04 2013

One of the requirements for the Dedicant Path is to read three books from a selected menu – one book on Indo European Culture, one book on a chosen hearth culture and one book on the history of Modern Paganism. The Sixth part of the ADF Dedicant Path “Through the Wheel of the Year” Supplement is to start reading the Indo-European Culture book, however I have already chosen my hearth culture as Celtic (probably Irish) and saw a copy of the book “A Brief History of the Druids” by Peter Berresford Ellis going cheap on Amazon so I bought two weeks ago and I’ve decided to do Hearth Culture first. I started reading that last week and I am now half way through it. We are not due to write a report on it till much later in the course but I can see myself finishing it this week so next week I will probably put up the report. I’m really enjoying “The Druids” and have learned a lot.  There are some really interesting and exciting ideas in there which I’ll explain more about next time.




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